About the Blockchain Investment Council Membership

The Blockchain Investment Council (BIC) is a network of professionals from various segments of legal, tech and financial industries dedicated to supporting, educating and advancing their knowledge and respective practices into the highly complex and evolving crypto and blockchain technology landscape.

Our BIC members are offered a plethora of opportunities to expand their networks, increase their knowledge of crypto and blockchain investments, and access to exclusive legal, financial and tech resources that support their business as well as personal financial goals.

Benefits Of BIC Membership

Access to Other Members

The BIC is comprised of a nationwide network of professionals in the legal, business, finance, FinTech, data sciences, tech, and cryptocurrency/blockchain fields. Each member delivers a wealth of knowledge in their respective field. Should you need guidance or advice, you will be able to leverage the BIC’s expertise at any point in time.

Access to the BIC Discussion Board

As a BIC member, you will have full access to our BIC discussion board. You will have the opportunity to post questions and prompt conversations on anything related to legislation to finance to FinTech to cryptocurrency and gain the answers you need from a diverse group of members with varying expertise. You will also be able to join in the discussion to share your knowledge and experience for all of the BIC members’ benefit.

Access to the Shared Resources Space

The BIC offers a shared resources space for all members. Our resources include a variety of information from recent research and articles in the finance and crypto space to contact information for direct access to reliable, tenured attorneys, financial advisors and CPAs.

Monthly Virtual Meetings

One of the key benefits to joining the BIC are our monthly virtual meetings. Because the blockchain and crypto landscape is constantly evolving, we connect each month to stay up to date on the latest financial forecasts, data trends, technology innovations and legal regulations concerning cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

Special Discount Rates at Select Retailers

The BIC is not purely business all the time, we also offer special discount rates to select retailers. You will receive discount codes at some of the leading online and offline retailers nationwide.

Interested in Joining?

Reach the Blockchain Investment Council via phone at (720) 750-2873 or by visiting our contact page. For further information on how to become a Blockchain Investment Council member and gain all the benefits and resources the BIC has to offer.