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About the Blockchain Investment Council

The Blockchain Investment Council (BIC) is a network of professionals from various segments of legal, tech and financial industries dedicated to supporting, educating and advancing their knowledge and respective practices into the highly complex and evolving crypto and blockchain technology landscape.

Who Should Join

The BIC is a network of professionals in the legal, business, finance, FinTech, data sciences, tech, and cryptocurrency/blockchain fields. Many of our members are:

Legal & Businesses

Business Developers
Business Analysts



Investors in Crypto
Blockchain Developers and Programmers
Crypto Developers
Cryptocurrency Miners

financial advisor checking documents


Financial Advisors
Financial Analysts
Financial traders



FinTech Professionals
FinTech Product Managers
Quantitative Analysts (Quants)

app developers discussing a software


Sofware Engineers and Developers
Computer Scientists
App Developers

woman studying data science

Data Science

Data Scientists
Data Specialists
Financial Data Analysts

Membership Perspectives and Contributions

Legal and Business

The legal regulations and business strategies within the crypto space are consistently evolving as new technologies emerge. Attorneys and business professionals in the BIC stay up to date with the latest information on crypto legislation and how crypto can positively and negatively impact business activities.


Blockchain and cryptocurrency coders, miners, developers and investors live in the cryptocurrency landscape day in and day out. These blockchain and crypto experts within the BIC share the technical expertise on software encryption development, open-source software, codebases, and data structures and algorithms, among other technical knowledge.


Blockchain Investment Council members within the finance industry bring a fresh perspective on financial risk, wealth management and financial forecasting of crypto investments, as well as insight on the fluctuation and volatility of the market.


FinTech professionals bring a combination of expertise in finance and technology. FinTech professionals within the crypto space are able to leverage new technologies in artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain encryption to develop new, enhanced financial services for asset management and personal finance management. FinTech professionals in the BIC share this type of financial and tech knowledge for each members’ benefit.


Blockchain Investment Council members who work in tech bring computer software and app development knowledge, and how that interacts with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and blockchain and cryptocurrency tech solutions.

Data Science

Blockchain Investment Council members who are data scientists, specialists and analysts keep a pulse on the crypto landscape by monitoring data trends and tracking innovations. They analyze what the data is saying and share actionable insights on crypto investments.

Interested in Joining?

Reach the Blockchain Investment Council via phone at (720) 750-2873 or by visiting our contact page. For further information on how to become a Blockchain Investment Council member and gain all the benefits and resources, the BIC has to offer.